Let's End Feeling Like Crap and Heal!

It’s Time To Look in the Mirror and Feel Amazing Inside and Out!

Discover the power of ROOTscription as we delve deep into your unique body chemistry using stool testing and comprehensive blood work!

From there, ROOTscription will take you through a kitchen makeover, nutrition, gut health, blood sugar, detoxification, immunity, stress management, and self-care.  A comprehensive curriculum is provided that empowers you to make lasting changes and achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Sheena will work closely with you, offering personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Together, we will uncover the root causes of any challenges and develop a customized plan to overcome them.

With ROOTscription, you can expect to experience a profound shift in your life! A shift that will spill over into every category of your life!

I have questions, tell me more!

If you’ve ever felt hopeless because of pain, bloating, or just overall unhappy, you’re not alone. 

Every week I work with people, just like you, who are going through the exact same problems:

  • Bloating, constipation, and indigestion that causes stress and anxiety at every meal.
  •  Bad sleep patterns making it hard to focus or be present during the day.
  • Constant irritability that makes you snap and take your frustration out on those they love most!
  • Brain fog that makes you distracted and forgetful!
  • Aches and pains that are showing up for no reason and affecting your mood.

If you can relate to any of the above, what I’m about to share on this page can help your break free and step into your full potential!

It doesn't involve strict diets, guessing what supplements to be on, or giving up chocolate!

As long as you have the passion to make a lasting change in your life, I want to help you feel your absolute best!

Core Pillars


Learn the exact foods and how to combine them to bio-hack metabolism!


Learn the art of negotiating carbs and sugar, not avoid them.

Gut Health

It's way more than just taking a probiotic! Learn to nourish your gut lining, bacteria, and eliminate dictators.


Learn how to tell the immune system to stop swinging and start cleaning!

Are you ready to finally learn how to become and maintain your wellness for life?

Then let’s do this. 

No more restrictive diets, no more sugar cravings, no more falling into marketing traps of health food that is making you sick!

ROOTscription is a 4-month program, course, and mastermind to get to the root cause of your gut, inflammation, and metabolism issues to give you a life full of resiliency. 

By the end of the 4 months you’ll be:

  • A fat-burning machine is free of bloat and inflammation.
  • Confident, vibrant, and able to function as the best version of yourself in every category of life, despite your diagnosis.
  • How to keep your body metabolically flexible and able to thrive on any fuel source.
  • Free from marketing traps as you will know exactly how to read labels. 
  • Educated on the exact steps needed to build wellness resiliency for life as you age.
  • Energetic, resilient to disease, and know exactly how to heal your body no matter what you endure.

In other words - you’ll be feeling on top of the world and able to perform your life's purpose. No holding back!

Amazing! I'm Ready!


Kitchen Makeover! Nutrition 101

Module 1 is all about WHAT THE HECK TO EAT!

Join Dr. Sheena in her kitchen as she shows you all the brands, swaps, tips, and tricks she uses in her holistic lifestyle!

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Be able to turn your own kitchen into a holistic oasis!
  • Not only understand macro, micro, and phytonutrients but also how to get them to absorb properly. 
  • Create a blood-sugar-balanced meal that keeps you full for hours all while burning fat!

Break Out of Blood-Sugar Prison! Where are my sugar addicts?

Module 2 teaches all about metabolism, sugar addictions, and how to break the chains off insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and apple shaped waists!

This is important if you are sick of always feeling hungry, hangry, and all emotions in between!

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the different types of sugar and when they create or burn fat cells. 
  • How to give your insulin a much-needed vacation!
  • How blood sugar dysregulation is crushing your adrenals, hormones, and much more!
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Hi, I’m Dr. Sheena Joseph

I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. who specializes in helping patients overcome gut, inflammation, and metabolism issues. 

For years, I have been asked to speak on many stages teaching other physicians and my patients the knowledge I have accumulated over the last 20 years of research! 

My Journey Into Becoming A Functional Medicine Practitioner Started Back In 2008... 

I had just graduated from Chiropractic school and I knew I wanted to help people in a big way. I wanted to work on the patients that were mysteries and that no one else could help. What I didn't know is that would start with me becoming sick myself! 

At 25,  I was in bed any time I could be due to pure exhaustion. Finally, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease. This is an autoimmune condition that destroys your thyroid, and your metabolism gland. Hello, fatigue and weight gain!

By my 30’s I had another autoimmune disease of interstitial cystitis. This is called painful bladder disease, and let me tell you it sucked my will to live. 

But then things started to change….

Piece by piece I started going down rabbit holes on the internet. From there, I started getting certifications, I'll spare you the alphabet soup. I took on the thought process of thinking and linking my symptoms instead of naming and blaming my glands and organ systems. 


By 35, My Life Changed Forever 

I was then able to wake up every morning at 5 am to work out!  Something that would have been unheard of in my previous condition. The attack on my thyroid went from thousands to 65! The painful bladder syndrome, well that was history! No issues since 2017! I have energy, I am strong physically and mentally.  I am at a healthy weight. I am aware of my food allergies and eat to nourish my gut lining. 


This Is Why I’m Writing To You Today

I knew after my struggles I could help people take a shortcut to healing! I invested in myself and became a Certified Functional Medicine Practioner in 2016 and never looked back! I continue to study holistic treatments like a junkie, and love every second of it!

I have tried these same protocols on my patients, and have watched them finally heal.

I can't begin to tell you how amazing and fulfilling that is. I'm on a mission to save the world, or at least die trying. Ahhh ...what is this life? Amazing!

Jenifer H.

"My doctor referred me to Dr Sheena and I'm so glad I took my doctor's advice!"

I was struggling to lose weight. My doctor referred me to Dr Sheena and I'm so glad I took my doctor's advice. Dr Sheena has helped me to lose weight and regain my health. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements. She's been positive and encouraging throughout my journey. I can't recommend her enough!

Brianna C.

Dr. Sheena is a life saver!! She listens, is super smart, shows she genuinely cares..

Dr. Sheena is a life saver!! She listens, is super smart, shows she genuinely cares, isn’t pushy, and doesn’t ever rush you. If it was not for her, I probably would still be on the path of doctor hunting and spending unnecessary money. I can’t thank her enough for helping make me feel human again!

Jan M.

I had been extremely sick for over two years and she has been the only one who was able to help.

Dr Sheena has made me well. I have been extremely sick for over two years and she has been the only one who has been able to help me. She's thorough, perceptive, knowledgeable, and genuinely CARES. THANK YOU DR SHEENA!!!